We offer a range of simple and beautiful coffins from specialist, environmentally-aware suppliers at a reasonable price. For those wanting to keep it really simple and the cost low, we also offer cardboard coffins. We are able to supply most coffins to anywhere in the UK.

A majority of coffins used in the U.K. are made from veneered chipboard and consist of resins and formaldehyde which emit toxins that last for decades when buried or released into the air when cremated. We endeavour to supply coffins that will not have this long-lasting effect on our environment.

Please see our range of coffins below. Prices include both a calico and waterproof liner, VAT and delivery to mainland UK unless otherwise stated. Flowers are not included.

Coffin Gallery

Cane curved end coffin – £470 Cane traditional-shaped coffin – £470
Cane-curved-end-coffin Cane-traditional-shaped
Seagrass curved end coffin – £470 Seagrass traditional-shaped coffin – £470
Seagrass-curved-end-coffin Seagrass-traditional-shape
Cocostick traditional-shaped coffin – £470 Loom curved end coffin –  £490 – £555 (dependent on size)
Cocostick-traditional-shape Loom-curved-end-coffin
Banana leaf curved end coffin – £475 Banana leaf traditional-shaped coffin – £475
Banana-leaf-curved-end-coffin Banana-leaf-traditional-shaped-coffin
Imported willow curved end coffin – £470 Imported willow traditional-shaped coffin – £470
Willow-curved-end-coffin Willow-traditional-shape-coffin
Somerset willow curved end coffin in natural buff 0r weather-beaten gold  – from £750 Somerset willow traditional-shaped coffin in natural buff or weather-beaten gold – from £750.  Both shape options are available sprayed white for £95 extra
curved-willow traditional-willow
Somerset coloured willow coffin – in a colour of your choice from colour swatch – from £922 Somerset rainbow willow coffin – from £971
swatch-01 swatch-02
Natural Legacy woollen coffin (natural) –  from £585 plus delivery Natural Legacy woollen coffin (limestone or russet) – from £607 plus delivery
natural limestone
Bellacouche Leafcocoon – plain – £785 plus delivery. Decorated (shown here) – £885 plus delivery Bellacouche Leafpod – £650 plus delivery
oak-branch-website leafpod
Solid handcrafted wood “Feet First” coffin with square ends – £450 plus delivery Solid handcrafted wood “Feet First” coffin-shaped – £475 plus delivery
feet-first-plain feet-first-traditional
Recycled cardboard coffin: brown – £250 / white – £260 Stock printed cardboard coffin (different designs available) – POA
cardboard cardboard-printed
Respect Everybody Shroud (Bamboo) – £248.50

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